I want to begin with a big thank you for your interest in what I do!  I’m honored for the opportunity to photograph you and your loved ones.  My goal is to capture the magic of what your family is as authentically as possible.  I want to capture your children’s funny faces and sincere emotions.  Sure we can throw some perfect smiles in there too but I want to document their real personalities as well.  I can’t wait to get started with you!


Yours truly,

Magdalena Green

Session Guide

For outdoor sessions, we will meet at an agreed location and begin about 1 -1 ½ hours prior to sunset.  The time will depend on the season, beginning earlier in winter/spring months and later in summer/fall months.


I strive to keep our time together relaxed and as natural as possible with minimal posing.  I like to begin with the classic family shots first as this is when the kids are the most cooperative.  From there we will casually move from one spot or position to the next.  Often times, families with smaller children like to go on a “walk or adventure” to ensure they have plenty of time to run, play, and laugh.  I encourage this as much as possible as it leads to the most natural smiles and laughter.  My goal is to make this as effortless as possible.

I highly encourage parents to interact with their children as if I weren’t there.  Cuddle, love, hug, kiss, chase, and tickle.  I will guide you where need be in order to get the proper light or best positions, but otherwise, just be your mom and dad selves to your kiddos.  Just relax and have fun! 


Choose a color scheme of 3-5 complementary colors.  Coordinate.  NOT MATCH. 


Layers are everyone’s best friend.  Layers add dimension and depth and are flattering on anyone.  Hats, scarfs, cardigans, blazers!


Dress for the weather and be flexible.  The weather can change any minute.


Think timelessness.  Neutrals with pops of color work well.  Lace and textured sweaters always looks nice when photographed.


And don’t forget to accessorize. 


Avoid: athletic wear and shirts with logos on them. 


Kids look great in layers!  Hats, vests, overalls, jackets.


Timeless always works.  A plain white lace dress with a bow.  A plain diaper or jeans with no shirt.  These stand the test of time.


Bare feet or fun shoes such as boots, converse, sandals.



Soft solids or neutrals photography beautifully but I don’t discourage bold colors either.



Avoid: lettering and logos on shirts, matchy, matchy and shoes such as Crocs, and athletic wear.


Cake smash sessions last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.  I will let your baby set the pace, as some little ones dig right into the cake while others take some time and encouragement. 


9 out of 10 babies cry during the session.  It’s okay. 

It’s best to bring baby after their morning nap (if possible) and feed them too. They really don’t actually eat much of the cake at all.

If the cake is not completely destroyed, there might be some left over for you to take home! (Yummy!)

Not every baby likes cake and not every baby likes being messy.

Babies are unpredictable at this age so just try to roll with the punches and have some fun.

Things to Bring:

6 inch Cake (due to allergies, Lena Green Photography does not provide the cake)

Cake smash outfit, but a diaper is just fine and super cute.

Extra outfits


Sippy cup to wash down the cake

Snacks (cheerios or puffs) in case they don’t like the cake so we can hide them in the cake to make it look like your little one is eating the cake. 

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